Kathy Moore Super Power Trio


Expert guitarist Kathy Moore leads two musical lives. In one, she’s the support system, riding shotgun with her devilishly delightful licks as a singer drives, melting faces. In the other, however, Moore fronts the show, bringing her Prog-Punk ethic center stage – and this is very much the case in her latest creative incarnation: the Kathy Moore Super Power Trio.

Comprised of the mad scientist Moore on guitar, steady-yet-nimble bassist Alyssa Martini and thunderous drummer Faith Stankevich, all of whom are Seattle stalwarts, the Kathy Moore Super Power Trio will release its debut record, I Won’t Let The End Of The World Bring Me Down, in fall 2020.

The album, forceful and tight, is as much a scream into the ether as it is a piece of sonic entertainment. On the record, Moore, who was praised by Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready for her wisdom and six-string abilities during a recent collaboration, will demonstrate the strength and pride she’s earned from playing music, all while working with two equally talented Emerald City standouts.

​Together, the members of the Kathy Moore Power Trio are set to raise eyebrows, expectations and standards.


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