LoudSwell is a live streaming platform built for artists and fans.

Our goal is to make it easy for performers to get paid to share their talents, and for fans to watch and support artists they love.

Necessity is the mother of invention. In March 2020, when the pandemic shut down performance venues all over the US, LoudSwell’s founder, Gordon Brown, wanted to help his friends. As a performing musician, he saw the devastating effect that cancellations in the live music industry had on his artistic community, and he felt that live streaming concerts could be a safer, viable alternative to in-person performances.

But after surveying the streaming landscape, he couldn’t find an online venue that met his expectations. He found a disorganized heap of platforms, each with its own audience and boundaries, none of which played well with others or offered easy ways for viewers to pay streamers. So he set out to build a platform that sends streams everywhere and gives each viewer the ability to tip artists with just a few clicks.

We built a better live stream experience for artists and fans. Our guiding principle is simplicity. We believe that the experience of live-streamed music should be accessible by anyone, without paywalls, on the platforms fans are already familiar with. By providing one-on-one technical support to artists, we help ensure that every performance will be delivered at the highest quality and the least stress. Friendly chat moderators guide the conversations, encourage donations, and acknowledge audience contributions. 

High-quality can coexist with high quantities. When we remove barriers, artists deliver their best, and audiences reward them. In our first nine months, we’ve produced over 170 successful streams from over a dozen cities across the United States. Our shows have been seen by over 315,000 people. Over 4,200 of them have opened their wallets to help our artists and venues earn more than $150,000 at a rate of about $650/hour. After each show, we survey our artists, and they’ve told us that our service is excellent (9.6/10).

Everybody wins when artists are put first. LoudSwell doesn’t charge any up-front fees to our artists, and when a fan tips a streamer, 85% of that money goes directly to the artist. Our entire staff is made up of performers and avid music fans. We want to be a partner to musicians and streamers, not a high-overhead middleman. Artists: we’re 100% on your side.

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