RL Heyer


RL has a knack for capturing the nostalgia aspect of American music, and has been known to play every instrument you can name to make sure that sound comes through in his tunes.

RL Heyer is one of Seattle’s staple guitarists. As the driving force behind bands like Big Tooth, Your Sweet Action, and Cracker Factory, he is a prolific songwriter, uniquely shred-tastic guitarist, soulful singer, and accomplished producer. This special set will feature RL’s songs from the afore-mentioned bands, plus his classics from The True Spokes/Flowmotion, his solo records, and a couple new releases, all done in his solo-looping format.


Upcoming Performances

Friday, May 21st at 9:00 pm PDT

INHALEN Live Stream

INHALEN is not your typical Van Halen tribute. This Seattle combo is comprised of Joe Doria and members of local funk/jam bands McTuff and Flowmotion. Expect the power of Van Halen but with some extra swerve.

Past Performances

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