How It Works

How does make your stream better?

It makes it easy for fans to tip and interact with easy-to-use widgets placed prominently next to your stream.

It increases fan contributions by engaging with fans, encouraging tips, and using graphics to both show progress and recognize contributors.

It amplifies your stream by simulcasting to multiple platforms including, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer.

Fans watching on can easily tip artists using the tip widget next to the stream. Graphics on the screen recognize fans who do and show progress towards a goal that streamers set. Here’s what those overlays look like:

There’s also a chat window that allows fans to interact with streamers and other viewers and, along with our website, streams are simulcast to LoudSwell’s social media channels and one of the streamer’s own channels. LoudSwell also has moderators engaging fans on all the comment threads, encouraging them to support the artist and thanking those who do.

Most importantly, our experience so far tells us that streamers who partner with LoudSwell earn 50-60% more than they otherwise would, earning around $725/hr on average!


At this time, LoudSwell can only broadcast original material. That means no covers or otherwise copyrighted material.

Streamers will need their own audio/video streaming setup, which can be as simple as an iPhone or as complicated as a multi-camera/pro-audio setup, and an internet connection with upload speeds of at least 10mbps (test speed). For artists in Seattle without their own equipment or slow internet, we’ve partnered with a few studios that can provide everything you need at a low cost.

What Does it Cost? doesn’t charge up-front for any of these services and 85% of tips received are paid directly to streamers within two days. We want to be a partner, not another cost to musicians and streamers. was founded by a musician and is staffed almost exclusively by musicians. We’re 100% on your side

How Do I Schedule a Stream?

After you have your streaming gear up and running, send an email with the following information:

Short Description of Your Stream:
Your Website:
Social Media Links:
Links to Previous Streams or Video:

We’re going through a heavy volume of requests but will do our best to get the ball rolling. The first step will be to connect with our streaming engineer to test your setup. Once we’re set on the technical side, we can schedule the stream. We’ll do our best to be in clear, frequent communication all through the process!

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