Join us on Sunday evenings for the 2021 South Hudson Music Project Staycation Festival, featuring live solo and duo performances by Seattle based musicians and improvisers. On April 18th, hear a duo set from Christian Pincock and Remy Morritt and a solo percussion set from Eric Eagle.

Eric Eagle is a first call drummer in Seattle. Known for his adaptive and fluid approach, Eagle plays in a multitude of different musical contexts and ensembles. He has recorded with Jesse Sykes, Amy Ray, Wayne Horvitz, Mark Pickeral, Danny Newcomb, Dave Peck, and has produced records with The Westerlies, Naomi Siegel, and The Seattle Symphony (featuring Bill Frisell) amongst others. For this performance he will present an intimate set of solo percussion.

Christian Pincock (trombone, electronics) and Remy Morritt (drums) are constantly seeking to expand their range of expression in improvisations and original compositions. Christian uses a variety of electronics, software and custom-made controllers to add richness, complexity and conversation to his warm and dynamic trombone sound. Remy adds energy and intuitive awareness to the mix. On April 18th, they will play the music of Christian’s “Tightrope” project and amongst other original music.
“A lot of fire and energy” — Dave Liebmen

Money to Artists, Music to Fans

LoudSwell effectively monetizes live-streamed performances by:

  • Making audience tip contributions easy and rewarding
  • Simultaneously broadcasting to all of our artist’s social media channels
  • Partnering with our artists to promote their events
  • Providing chat moderators to acknowledge and encourage audience participation.

Artists pay no upfront fees to perform, and LoudSwell provides individual technical support before and during all shows. During performances, artists earn an average of $700 per hour through fan contributions, which appear on-screen for all to see.

LoudSwell was founded by musicians who understand that there is no substitute for performing and attending in-person shows. That’s why Loudswell is designed to be a complement to, not a replacement for live performances. By using LoudSwell, artists and venues expand their audiences and increase exposure beyond the limitations of in-person performances with simultaneous live streaming to all of the performer’s social media channels.

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