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Eric Hullander Presents: Ari Joshua, Jeremy Shanok, and Jory Tindall

Wednesday, August 4th at 8:00 pm PDT

Eric, Ari, Jory, and Jeremy are part of a collective known as “Seabop” that has been playing and recording in Seattle for over seven years now. While jazz is the common language between them, the group explores many styles of music from pop, to rock, to classical and cinematic. Most importantly, the music and friendship between them is always fun. There mutual love for music shines through.

Money to Artists, Music to Fans

LoudSwell effectively monetizes live-streamed performances by:

  • Making audience tip contributions easy and rewarding
  • Simultaneously broadcasting to all of our artist’s social media channels
  • Partnering with our artists to promote their events
  • Providing chat moderators to acknowledge and encourage audience participation.

Artists pay no upfront fees to perform, and LoudSwell provides individual technical support before and during all shows. During performances, artists earn an average of $700 per hour through fan contributions, which appear on-screen for all to see.

LoudSwell was founded by musicians who understand that there is no substitute for performing and attending in-person shows. That’s why Loudswell is designed to be a complement to, not a replacement for live performances. By using LoudSwell, artists and venues expand their audiences and increase exposure beyond the limitations of in-person performances with simultaneous live streaming to all of the performer’s social media channels.

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