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Reggie Garrett has been performing throughout the U.S. and Canada for a number of years. Based in Seattle, Washington he performs mostly original songs mixed with pop covers and more traditional style folk ballads. He is the purveyor of a unique urban strain of (mostly) acoustic music incorporating a number of diverse influences, including: Folk, Latin rhythms, Blues, Gospel, Celtic, Rock, Jazz and more. The result is a musical blend that has excited and touched audiences throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The sound has strong rhythmic underpinnings, beginning with Garrett’s almost percussive guitar style. The guitar work spans the gamut from Folk/Latin/Blues rhythms to even more personal styles. His singing reflects the folk/ rock/gospel traditions with which he grew up. He has been compared to acoustic legends Richie Havens and Bill Withers by the national folk publication Dirty Linen. As a songwriter Garrett’s specialty is creating and enhancing a mood.

He is the founder of Reggie Garrett & the SnakeOil Peddlers (his performing ensemble). The band travel and perform regularly as an acoustic trio (including Richard Middleton on lead guitar and Will Dowd on percussion) and as an acoustic/electric quartet with the addition of bassist Keith Lowe. From Pistol River, OR to Rock Island, IL; from Duncan, BC Canada to San Luis Obispo, CA the group has delighted audiences of all ages.

In addition to a history of fine live performances, Reggie Garrett has five CD releases to his credit. Welcome to My World, Time Stands Still, Seasons and Something New (his most recent release) were all recorded with his SnakeOil Peddlers ensembles. Kates Front Porch was his debut release as half of the Garrett & Westcott acoustic duo. All have been favorably received. Time Stands Still in particular made its way onto a number of AAA and other radio playlists throughout the western U.S.

Reggie Garrett & the SnakeOil Peddlers are listed in the 4-Culture Touring Arts Roster.


Upcoming Performances

Sunday, March 7th at 7:30 pm PST

Staycation Solos & Duos: Ayesha Brooks/Darren Loucas and Reggie Garrett Solo

Join us on Sunday evenings for the 2021 South Hudson Music Project Staycation Festival, featuring live solo and duo performances by Seattle based musicians and improvisers.

Reggie Garrett is a guitar player and singer based in Seattle. His music derives from folk and blues and his sonorous singing and voice reflect the folk, rock, gospel and blues traditions he grew up around. He is well-known for his ensemble, Reggie Garrett and the SnakeOil Peddlers an acoustic trio which has been traveling and performing throughout the U.S. and Canada for over 20 years.

“Smooth, emotional and warm, he shows that there are more connections than differences between Blues and Folk. It’s been too long since we’ve had someone like this – Bill Withers, Richie Havens – and Garrett stands firmly in his own corner, as strong a writer as he is interpreter.” – Dirty Linen

Ayesha Brooks is a singer and songwriter based in Seattle. Often performing under her alter ego or moniker name “Musicbox”, it is clear that music is reflected in everything Brooks does. She has sung with The Wayne Horvitz Songs Project, Imagine the Giant, and different rock groups within Seattle. Her soulful and canorous voice is expressive and deeply moving within any context or musical setting.

“Her voice continues to draw heads in local venues, including the Royal Room, where she’s collaborated with local blues outfit the Jelly Roll­ers, in tributes to Aretha Franklin, and with Horvitz on stirring tributes to the Grateful Dead.” – Ian Gwin Earshot Jazz

Darren Loucas is a guitarist, singer and songwriter based in the Pacific Northwest. His songs and artistic voice are derivative of folk and blues music. He has performed with such artists as Wayne Horvitz, Robin Holcomb and Bill Frisell amongst others. With his own sound and love for blues guitar, he adds his own lyrical, and melodic interpretations through his raspy voice and raw approach to the music.

“His guitar playing is a revelation.” – The Stranger

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