Woogie D


“Woogie D (Derneill Washington) is the funky drummer- a schooled student of breakbeats, gut bucket drums, and syncopated rhythms. His deep knowledge of how to groove w/ ghost notes, the heavy “1”, and ridiculous snare/hi-hat work has made him a consummate part of the WeCoast sound. Hailing from Buffalo, NY and raised on steady diet of funk & soul, drums have always been a part of his life. He has precision, flare, and unmatched experience on the drums.” – We Coast Records

Woogie D is the band leader, drummer, and singer for Sea Monster’s Friday night house band, Funky 2 Death (F2D,) and also drums for 700 Funk


Past Performances

Saturday, October 10th at 8:30 pm PDT

Funky 2 Death

Saturday, September 5th at 8:30 pm PDT

700 FUNK with Kathy Moore

Saturday, July 11th at 9:00 pm PDT

Woogie & Ehssan’s Bday party

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