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Sundae + Mr. Goessl are a wife/husband duo with a style all their own. While some call it “Vintage Pop” and others deem it “Cowboy Jazz” there’s one adjective that everyone can agree on: delightful.

Sundae + Mr. Goessl have been in the business of delighting audiences all across the US for the past 6 years. Recently married, the couple has put out 6 albums and has performed 1000+ shows. The couple has successfully drafted an act that encompasses virtuosity, jazz, pop, country, charm, fashion, comedy, vaudeville and even magic!

Sundae (Kate Voss) has steeped for 2 decades in vocal performance and earned the title of Seattle-Kobe Vocal Jazz Princess in both 2014 and 2016. In 2016 she received a Golden Ear Award as Vocalist of the Year from Earshot Magazine. Studying under Greta Matassa, she’s had many opportunies to sing all across the US. Sundae often surprises her audiences with a melodica solo and with 10 years as a piano instructor under her belt, it is quite a tasty treat. She appears regularly around Seattle lending her unique sounds to a myriad of styles ranging from weirdo-pop with Mannequin BBQ (who filmed on The Gong Show in 2017) to old- timey jazz with Kate Voss & The Big Boss Band to Western Swing with the Western Bluebirds to retro-country with her sister duo Opal-Thistle Pistol Sisters (where they use a swear jar instead of a tip jar). However, she proves most delightful and captivating when she injects her verve into these Golden Age songs as “Her voice nails the authenticity of this era…” —JazzTimes

Mr. Goessl (Jason Goessl) was born and raised in a small village in eastern Wisconsin and became an accomplished jazz guitarist by age 17. At age 18 Mr. Goessl started his trek west. His first stop was Eau Claire WI. There he studied music at the University and played in the award winning jazz ensemble with such jazz greats as saxophonist Michel Brecker and guitarist Charlie Byrd. Getting the itch for more inspiration, Goessl moved to Minneapolis where he made a living gigging most nights of the week and was awarded the prestigious Visiting Composers Award for his composition “3 Philosopher’s In A Landscape”. With his insatiable desire for creativity and elevation, Mr. Goessl made the trek to Seattle WA. Today, Mr. Goessl makes a living as one of Seattle’s top guitarist in most genres. From jazz to country, indie to Brazilian, surf to metal, Goessl is a freelance guitarist that approaches the music with studied curiosity and stamps it with his indelible signature sound.

Jason and Kate formed a deep connection with each other through their mutual love of music, quickly and earnestly becoming a couple in 2013. Sundae + Mr. Goessl are currently touring the US and Canada in their 30 ft Winnebago with their rescue chihuahua (Jackie) and plan on making fantastic music together for the rest of their lives. ♥


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