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2002 Bio..

Phat Sidy Smokehouse has been called the most real band in Seattle. There is a lot of music that comes out of Sea-Town and the region, but none is as honest, solid, and tight as Phat Sidy. For 7 years, Phat Sidy Smokehouse has been bringing their funk to the world. This original sound is a tasty mixture of George Clinton, Jimi Hendrix, with a sprig of Peter Tosh.

Phat Sidy is a real band. They write, trax, and travel as a band. More than a band, they have become a family, the Phat Phamily. Members of Ganja Farmers, Hillborne, The Time, Mudsharks, Carl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Tuatara, Hungry Young Poets, Easy Big Fella, Charlie X, Action Buddy, Imij, Super Sonic Soul Pimps, Rubberneck, 5 Fingers of Funk, Porterhouse Quartet, Weapon of Choice, and Hit Explosion have all at one time or another joined the fold, added to the momentum. Phat Sidy Smokehouse features Ernest E-Dog Pumphrey, Jr. as a vocalist and occasional drummer, bassist, or keyboardist. His lyrics come straight from his true-life experiences. The rhythm section boasts Davee C on drum kit, Tyrone Bob Lovelace’s dynamic songwriting and bass-playing, Brian StingShark Ray on Stratocaster and vocals, Dirk Jackson’s percussion and vocal work, and the renouned sound of Mark Cardenas (formerly with Morris Day and the Time) on keyboards. Jon Big Talk Rÿser (sax) and Wild Bill Jones (trumpet) are the Phat Horns in Phat Sidy Smokehouse.

Local comrades such as Rubberneck, Maktub, the Five Fingers of Funk, and the Super Sonic Soul Pimps, as well as national-scale names like Fishbone, Morris Day and the Time, Joe Higgs, Spearhead, The Roots, and Digital Underground, have all invited the mighty Smokehouse to join the bill and share the stage, resulting in giggage of legendstuff. Since 1999 the band has co-headlined Seattle’s legendary ‘Hempfest’ igniting a uniquely shared event among the 100,000 or so estimated in attendance and they prepare to do it again in 2002. They toured for, Levi’s, and SFX with Steve Miller Band and Govt. Mule where they moved 30,000 units of their CD Slingin’ Hubs! Their debut CD on the ‘dig’ label, “Platos Grandé Rehersial”, sold more than 2,200 copies at its release in 1996, and is played regularly on MTV’s ‘Real World: Seattle and New Orleans’ and on ‘Road Rules’. Phat Sidy enjoys international airplay from Seattle to Russia, England to Australia with their 4 albums released to date.


Past Performances

Tuesday, April 20th at 8:00 pm PDT

Phat Sidy Smokehouse 420 Live Stream

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