Third Light


A concert with Third Light is an honest exploration of familiar and unfamiliar musical territory with sensitivity and vulnerability. Featuring saxophonist Sam Priven, bassist Tyler Harlow, and drummer Dillon Vado, Third Light plays and composes in a way that honors the collective and relational aspects of music, while retaining each member’s unique voice.

“If the Ahmad Jamal trio played Nick Drake songs”

Formed around a collective passion for tight arrangements and free improvisation, Third Light explores the dichotomy of careful intention and reckless abandon within the territory of thoughtfully crafted pieces. Their style of improvisation is partially informed by idiomatic approaches of the jazz canon, but also by making strong, intentional choices in the moment as composers. Third Light features original pieces by all three members of the band, often exploring atypical time cycles, and complex emotional spaces but with a minimalist paint brush.


Past Performances

Friday, March 26th at 8:00 pm PDT

Third Light

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