Harry Edward Pierce


Songwriter, composer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist Harry Edward Pierce plays a hodgepodge of styles inspired by Americana, jazz and blues and modern classical music as well as influences ranging from the Balkans to Cuba and north to the Pacific Northwest coastal native tribes. The son of a coffee house jazz singer, guitarist, arranger mother and a club owning jazz saxophonist/professional entertainer father who was a Seattle jazz legend, Harry Edward Pierce has been surrounded by professional musicians and creators all his life. On this concert Harry Edward Pierce will be touching the faces of the past as he reaches back to grab the sounds and memories of those now gone with songs and improvisations that tell the stories of those who’ve inspired him with the sacred sounds of music. “The gift and the treasure of music are sacred and link us to age old traditions of those who were here before, it connects us in ways that are spiritual and emotional as it tells us rare stories to remind us of who we are what we believe in and where we come from.” – Harry Edward Pierce


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