Crooked Constellation


Crooked Constellation is what humans call ‘a group of friends who like to make music’. Hailing from all across this wild country, and in all likelihood from other planets entirely, this group makes sounds. The sounds that emerge from their instruments, often in time, and at best sonorous are sometimes applauded by other humans. Other times those humans are silent, or drunk, debaucherous and prone to interruption and ribaldry. At rare intervals tears are seen emerging from the eyes of listening humans and band members alike in the throes of an instance of tone. Those tears spill down the skin of their collective faces, falling to the ground and erupting into subterranean cavities in the earth spilling molten gravity out amongst the populace and generally wreaking a joyful havoc. Flowers tend to cake the surrounding areas of these instances afterward. And all leave fulfilled anew.

This band is disbanding. Or rather, we’re gonna put it to bed for a while. Humans are unpredictable and go many places and do many things. At this time we all count ourselves amongst the ranks of said humans, and so we ourselves will go to other places and do other things. We hope you enjoy the archive of tone we have bestowed upon you. It is with a great and boundless cosmic love that we now depart the crafting of this band bio. Farewell for now.


Past Performances

Friday, February 4th at 8:00 pm PST

Farewell My Dears, Goodnight

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