Stephanie Anne Johnson and Kathy Moore: “Rock and Roll Saved My Soul”

Friday, April 16th at 8:00 pm PDT

These two PNW musical luminaries will join their powerful forces for
their first ever livestream together! Rocking is most certainly on
the agenda.

Expert guitarist Kathy Moore leads two musical lives. In one, she’s
the support system, riding shotgun with her devilishly delightful
licks as a singer drives, melting faces. In the other, however, Moore
fronts the show, bringing her Prog-Punk ethic center stage – and this
is very much the case in her latest creative incarnation: the Kathy
Moore Super Power Trio. She has shared the stage with Thaddeus Turner,
Shawn Smith, Grace Love, Stephanie Anne Johnson, Bear Axe and so on
and so on

Kathy’s photo by Ernie Sapiro

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