SOUNDbox Curators Concert

Saturday, January 29th at 8:00 pm PST

Nonsequitur is pleased to start off 2022 with the introduction of SOUNDbox, a new artist-led curator series aimed at positively stimulating the local music scene with visionary and generative live performances.

For SOUNDbox, Nonsequitur hands over curation of our monthly concerts to a team of four celebrated local artists who will collectively program twelve events in the coming year. Pianist Marina Albero, polymath/writer and Seattle Star founder Omar Willey, guitarist Carlos Snaider, and flautist Leanna Keith will each curate three concerts apiece. All of them have a unique presence in the Seattle creative community, and bring a wealth of collective knowledge and experience to the project.

Tonight we kick off this new initiative with a concert by the curators themselves, joined by violist and new Nonseq board member Heather Bentley, for an evening of solo and group improvisations, celebrating the diversity of musical values and shared commitment to listening and spontaneous creation.

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