Blazinspace Movie Remix of CONDiTiONER with Live Score by Occlusions & Nic Masangkay

Thursday, January 28th at 8:00 pm PST

This is a sonic cinema experience unlike you’ve ever experienced. Strange Earth Studios will be transformed into an immersive and wild Remix of Danny Denial’s CONDiTiONER, Resoundtracked LIVE by Occlusions & Nic Masangkay & Visualized by blazinspace and produced by Astral Media Lab. If you love stories, beautiful imagery and heart melting, head spinning good music then this show is for you.

“Danny Denial seems determined to singlehandedly reinvent the punk film.” –

Danny Denial’s ‘CONDiTiONER’ is a masterful short film. It’s full of dazzling imagery, complex intimate moments, superb performances, and a sci fi subtext. In the movie we follow Baz, a beautiful nonbinary artist struggling to navigate between multiple realities; both surreal and institutionalized. Shot by Leo Ramos and Eric Luck. It’s a tour de force. Now you take that and put it through blazinspace’s projector machines; we are in for a treat!

The New LIVE! Soundtrack will be performed by Nic Masangkay & Occlusions!

Nic Masangkay is a cultural worker in music, poetry, multimedia, and SW. They are a Filipinx, sick and disabled, queer and trans survivor currently based in Occupied Duwamish Territory (Seattle). More at

Occlusions is the alt-R&B project of vocalist Leigh Thomas (they/them) and producer Alex Gorischek (he/him). The duo draws influences from the likes of FKA twigs, Kelela, Gold Panda, Andy Stott, POLIÇA, and others. Their name evokes teeth locking together, computer-rendered shadows, and cyclone formation — ideas that show up in the process of their work.

“Occlusions blends shimmering synths with haunting vocals to create left-of-center soundscapes that wrap you in otherworldly warmth.” — Atwood Magazine

Blazinspace is the alter-ego of visual artist John Theroux. They use a combination of projection mapping tricks to transform space into an immersive experience. They have quite the experience with these movie remixes – Check out @The Best You’ve Ever Seen to see some of their Live Movie Remixes.

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