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Blake Lewis with Nate B

Saturday, March 28th at 5:00 pm PDT

Blake Lewis first came to national attention as one of the most unique contestants ever to compete on American Idol, and long before that, as “Bshorty” in Seattle’s a cappella, hip-hop, and rave scenes. Stretching the boundaries of the human voice, Lewis’s beatboxing, sound effects, and vocal gymnastics have seen the peak of Billboard charts with his critically-acclaimed, genre-melding album “Audio Day Dream” and latest independent release “Wanderlust Unknown.”

Nate B, half of pop-soul duo Bucket of Honey and ever-present vocalist and songwriter in the Seattle music scene, has spent the last eight years building and directing STYLE: Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education, an educational program that combines songwriting and literature to create an impactful and joy-filled experience in schools all across the country. From tear-jerker Americana to soulful R&B, Nate’s rich voice, top-notch songwriting, and meaningful, positive lyrics steal hearts and bring crowds together.

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