Annie O’Neill feat. Amy Denio

Thursday, July 30th at 7:00 pm PDT

Seattle Americana songwriter Annie O’Neill is a queen of the sonically seen and unseen. A guide in one moment, an elusive spirit the next, O’Neill holds out her proverbial hand to offer songs of pilgrimage, songs of shell games and the final ace up her sleeve. With her new EP, Wild Card, released this spring, O’Neill demonstrates the powerful verve that comes from confidence and the elastic energy that comes from explicating the truth.

Amy Denio is a Seattle-based multi-instrumental composer of soundtracks for modern dance, film and theater, as well as a songwriter and music improviser. Her inspirations include world music, and is mainly known as a vocalist, accordionist and saxophone-player. Among her current musical involvements are The Tiptons Sax Quartet (formerly The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet) and Die Resonanz Stanonczi, a radical folk group based in Salzburg, Austria. She has also collaborated repeatedly with the Pat GraneyDance Company, David Dorfman Dance Company, Victoria Marks, and with many other choreographers.

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