May Livestream Song of the Month: Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra- “Jornada Del Muerto”


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May 2021 Artist/Song of the Month: Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra- “Jornada Del Muerto”

“Beef’s Prime Cuts Presents: Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra Livestream
On May 8th, 2021 at 8:30PM just as Venus enters Gemini, our thoughts and feelings will become refined, our mood will lighten, and we will collectively tap into aspects of ourselves that are truth-loving and kind. We will become receptive and sensitive to subtleties of rhythm and tone, and we will be overcome by the desire to enjoy dancing. The cosmic table is set for an unprecedented funk feast presented by Joel Ricci and the Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra.

Of all the musical hats Ricci wears, the role he identifies with the most is with that of conductor. “When stepping on stage it is always my intention to conduct energy between band members and audience and between the Mystery and the Mundane. If I am doing it right, my personality disappears and melts into the Oneness of the universe. And when that happens, even if only for a minute, everyone present feels it.” Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra will manifest that universal truth through Ricci’s original modes, moods, and grooves in our epic “live stream” broadcast safely from West Seattle’s Highland Park Improvement Center, an important and sacred neighborhood cultural center.

Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra is a collective of prominent Seattle musicians and collaborators who perform and improvise over original, rudimentary, and minimalist works conceived by Joel Ricci, composer, trumpet player, and metaphysicist. These tunes are offered as vehicles for the various individual interpretations by the artists of the Orchestra, while simultaneously presenting a reflection of a functioning and flourishing collective ecstatic ceremony/ritual.”

Watch the Complete Performance here:

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Bass – Jason Gray
Low Guitar – Colin Higgins
High Guitar – Ben Bloom
Drumset – Grant Schroff
Congas – Lalo Bello
Percussion – Isaac Weiser
Bari, Flute, Alto, – Peter Daniel
Bari, Flute, Soprano, – Kate Olson
Alto – Art Brown
Tenor – Jane Covert-Bowlds
Bone – Jason Cressey
Bone – Jimmy Austin

Sound: Stuart Jackson
Camera: Eric Thorberg
Lights: B.e. Dahlia

Producer: Brady Harvey
Moderator: Nicholas Polimenakos

Special thanks:
Highland Park Improvement Club
Tom Langen

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